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I recently saw Harmony Korine's Gummo. I thought it was awesome so I looked up a little more about him. What does this have to do with holier-than-thou gaming? Here's a quote about the director:

"I think that Harmony Korine is an exploitationist, plain and simple. Not that that's neccessarily bad, because I have a lot of respect for classic exploitation. I think that Harmony Korine makes exploitation films for sheltered, bored, jaded intellectuals who are easily horrified by trashy poor people and who are naive enough to accept an obviously biased negative portrayal of those people as an objective and realistic one."

This totally made me feel (the bolded part anyway) like it could easily be applied to the gaming scene as it is now too. I don't know where most of you are at right now, but to me, 95% of everything released is shit. It's probably not really shit, but I'm sick and tired of wading through the mediocre titles we see again and again, year after year. I'm tired of the leagues of third-person action titles. I'm so bored. I'm so jaded.

This is why I'm most happy with Nintendo. Not necessarily with what they're releasing, because most of it isn't all that awesome either, but they're trying. This whole DS jump-start the industry thing is cool because they're trying. Will it fail? I'd bet on it. I'll still get one though. The whole connectivity thing is interesting because again, they're doing something new. Most of the games that use it do so in a totally superficial manner, but they're trying. Like it or not (and if you don't you're stupid), you can't really say you've had an experience quite like 4-player Crystal Chronicles before.

Looking at FF:CC, using the TV and the GBA as two different screens blew me away. It hit me the most as we got into it more. At the end of each stage you all get a letter from someone, your mom, your sister, whoever. That letter goes directly to your GBA, and only you read and reply to it. It's kind of a personal thing that's just you, then ten seconds later you're splitting up the spoils from the past mission together. To jump from single to multi so fast and so effectively is truly a beautiful thing.

I love Nintendo for doing what they're doing. I was worried about this announcement to make new gameplay-enhancing peripherals for the Gamecube, but you know, even though they seem like they don't know what the hell they're doing 90% of the time, they're looking for new ground. They're trying things no one else is. I look forward to Four Swords+ and anything else they can throw at me.

People say a crash is coming not unlike what happened after the Atari, but I think it's more of an intellectual crash. No publisher wants to take the chance on something quirky, something actually interesting anymore when they know a GTA/RE/etc. clone will sell better. What do you think? This place is dead, let's get some conversation going... or is the whole gaming scene really that bad now that no one cares? Is it too late?
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